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Enables exploration and evaluation of datasets from a repository which users can download or export.

A dataset repository lists multiple verified datasets, often uploaded by the community and available to the community to evaluate, download, and use for further research.


Guidelines for adapting the Task Flow

  • Support search and filtering of the data itself, not just dataset metadata.

  • Allow for inspection of the data prior to downloading. This can include:

    • For observational data - showing what types of data was collected, over what period of time, and the observation count.

    • Plots to describe characteristics of the data, such as gaps and quality.

  • Expect that there may be many filtering options. Vertical sidebar filters can be useful for this, as well as “build your own” filters type patterns.

  • Where possible, allow users to filter within a specific dataset so that they don’t have to download an entire dataset that might not be relevant to their work.

  • Data should always include units so that it can be evaluated by the user or converted in analyses.

  • How the list of datasets is displayed can vary. For example, the list can be styled as citations or as a structured table.

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