Code templates for scientific task flow UIs

STRUDEL Kit is a React-based JavaScript library for building scientific UIs based on the STRUDEL Design System and Task Flows. The library provides scaffolding and templates to help scientific teams jumpstart their adaptation and use of common task flows in their products.

STRUDEL Tech Stack

STRUDEL Kit is made up of two main products: strudel-cli, a command-line tool for quickly generating Task Flow template code, and the STRUDEL React templates, code templates for building STRUDEL Task Flows using the React web library.


STRUDEL React Templates

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STRUDEL is an effort of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Scientific Data (SciData) Division UX team.
The project is generously funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Liz Vu & Josh Greenberg Program Officers, grants #10074 and #10572