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STRUDEL Hackathon: Go From User Need to UI Prototype in One Day

March 19, 2024

The STRUDEL project is hosting an all day, in person hackathon on Tuesday March 19, 2024 at Berkeley Lab to help scientific software teams design and implement a prototype user interface. If your scientific software team has a problem or feature requiring a new web-based user interface, reach out & join us in the hackathon!
How to Build a Science UI: Getting Started with the STRUDEL Design System

March 8, 2024

Join us virtually for the second in STRUDEL's series of events. This hour long webinar will introduce more about the STRUDEL project and help you get started using our new Design System. Follow along with our live, interactive demo to learn how to go from an initial idea for a feature in your scientific software to leveraging the design system to stand up a web-based user interface.
The Journey to STRUDEL: How We Came to Embrace User Experience in Scientific Ecosystems

February 21, 2024

Have you found building and delivering usable scientific software to be challenging? Encountering challenges meeting user needs? Join us virtually for the first in the STRUDEL project’s series of events to help support adoption of user experience approaches in scientific software development.
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STRUDEL is an effort of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Scientific Data (SciData) Division UX team.
The project is generously funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Liz Vu & Josh Greenberg Program Officers, grants #10074 and #10572