The Journey to STRUDEL Webinar

February 21, 2024STRUDEL Team

Have you found building and delivering usable scientific software to be challenging? Are you encountering challenges meeting user needs with the software your team is developing?

The STRUDEL team's first virtual event introduced the project and its products through our team’s journey adopting UX methods in scientific software development. The webinar traversed the Berkeley Lab Scientific Data Division UX team’s journey applying UX methods to scientific software. We introduced the Scientific sofTware Research for User experience, Design, Engagement, and Learning (STRUDEL) project advocating for and advancing the inclusion of User Experience (UX) practices and tools in scientific software development. Watch the recording of the webinar to hear about our team’s journey visiting the arc of our experiences supporting diverse research domains and types of software and examining how we define UX for scientific software. Learn more about STRUDEL’s new Planning Framework and Design System that are crafted to help teams build more usable, scientific software.

Slides are available here: Journey to STRUDEL Slides

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STRUDEL is an effort of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Scientific Data (SciData) Division UX team.
The project is generously funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Liz Vu & Josh Greenberg Program Officers, grants #10074 and #10572