STRUDEL Hackathon: Go From User Need to UI Prototype in One Day

March 19, 2024STRUDEL Team

The STRUDEL team hosted an in person hackathon at Berkeley Lab to help scientific teams prototype a web application over a few hours. Attendees learned about the STRUDEL Design System and explored available Task Flows to adapt them to address a development need for their team's software.

Attendees ranged from beamline scientists at the Advanced Light Source, to Research Software Engineers and Open Source Software Researchers. The software they worked on developing ranged from computational analysis systems to searchable data repositories. It was a fun and interactive day with a lot of learning all around. Huge thank you to all the attendees who spent the day with us!

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STRUDEL is an effort of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Scientific Data (SciData) Division UX team.
The project is generously funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Liz Vu & Josh Greenberg Program Officers, grants #10074 and #10572